Spirit Gym Events 2023

Spirit Gym Community Events Open to Everyone

We organise ourselves around a continuous 12 month programme comprising a free monthly webinar on a particular Spirit Gym focus, reinforced by a Facebook group for ongoing asynchronous peer support and cooperative learning. This helps build a learning community around the practices, self-development and associated reading, as well as a basis for advanced Interspiritual Enneagram Seminars, Six Category training and CCI accredited Co-counselling training for those who wish. A typical month looks like this:

Week 1: Read selected chapter on a specific practice

Week 2: Select an exercise that is meaningful for you and share how it went with the group.

Community Webinar (2nd Sunday of month): focused on this practice in relation to the Enneagram and your experience

Weeks 3-4 Further self-study and practice using the FB group for ongoing peer support and cooperative inquiry


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